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QTEC Services was founded to provide an essential service to not only the people of Samoa but also globally. We  saw the demand for live stream services over the lockdown "Covid 19" period, resulting in travel restrictions. People were not able to attend their loved ones' funerals, weddings and other major events here in Samoa. Therefore, in July 2021, a group of us got together to discuss the possibility of providing a quality live stream service in Samoa with new technology. QTEC Services was officially launched on 21 November 2021.


Our team comprises a group of individuals that are committed to serving our Lord Jesus Christ through our work. Since the first lockdown in 2020, we have been operating live stream church services and events. Our backgrounds include an IT specialist, a CAD specialist, a website developer, a sound engineer, and two experienced event planners. 


The name QTEC was the result of a brainstorming session between the planning team members. Originally, the company was to be named KEW TECH, a homage to the umbrella company, KEW Consult Ltd. However, the brainstorming brought the idea of using the letter Q to represent KEW. "Q" also represents "Quality" and that is what we aim to provide in our services.


We would like to acknowledge IknowIT NZ, who assisted us with setting up this business and providing mentorship for our team regarding the how-tos of livestreaming. IknowIT is 100% NZ-owned and dedicated to serve. 



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